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We have an outstanding track record of delivering responsive high quality courses to all Sectors of the Corporate World, which we are able to customize to the Client's needs, time frames and budget.

• Organizing conferences, ensuring that everything required is supplied e.i refreshments, stationery, projector, digital boards etc.
• Plan ahead by getting the number of the delegates attending, the standard of the event.
• Organizing all the required facilities fit for the event or seminar.

Seminars and Workshops

We provide seminars, workshops of high caliber on topics relevant in all sectors of Business.


• Master classes that will enable individuals and Businesses to be able to communicate better and share ideas that will be well received.

Self Development

• We provide self Development Programs for individuals within Organizations and for themselves privately, designed to inspire, empower and liberate them.

Team Development

Providing team Development Programs, designed to enable exceptional performance based that particular Organization's principles and values.

Organization Assistance

Assist Organizations to understand strengths of individuals and team dynamics better through assessments and help them create such assessments.

Programs in Place

  • CyberCrime
  • Business Processes
  • Financial Management
  • Motivational Speaking


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Torah International

Founded in 2018 by two women who have over a decade of experience in Sales and Marketing with both Private and Public Sector. We provide Leadership and Management Programs for Corporates, Government and communities.

Since it's inception, Torah International has been committed to providing the highest quality, needs-based training interventions to it's clients, both Locally and Internationally. We are 100% Black owned Level one B-BBEE , driven by our team's passion for Education, training and development and >100% commitment to excellent service.

To be socially relevant, Respect, Business, Astuteness& Honesty and Integrity

To pick the minds of experts from different walks of life and Organisations who are solution driven and willing to share their expertise.

To bring topics that are well researched and relevant to the times and what will be impacting both the Private and Public Sector.

To delight our delegates and Business Partners by providing complete, pioneering, excellent solutions and topics covered by Socially responsible, competent and trusted Professionals.


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Thobeka Rasmeni


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Nozibele Makitle

Head of Facilitation and Admin

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Nancy Tembo

Director of Production and Sales



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